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Membership Information

Effective April 1, 2004

Golf Hours

The golf course is open everyday, dawn until dusk. Member starting times are accepted up to four weeks in advance.

Clubhouse Hours

The clubhouse serves breakfast and lunch from 8:00 until 2:00 daily. Breakfast is served at 7:00 on the weekends. Dinner is served Thursday through Saturday from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The bar opens daily and closes as business warrants. The outside snack bar is open daily as weather and play permits.

Office Hours

The office is open from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. The office may be open during the weekend or holidays as events warrant.

Starting Times

Full Golf Members may call up to 4 weeks prior for golf reservations. Social members may call up to 2 weeks prior for reservations.

Guest Policies

Members are allowed to make advanced reservations for up to 3 guests, except during times when play is restricted to member use only. Currently Saturday morning between 7:00 and 8:00 are reserved for members as well as other times during the week for club play. Please contact the pro shop for specific details.

Guest Discounts

Members are allowed to bring up to one guest per member, who can play with a free cart (up to $12 value). This is good any day after 10:00. The member must be in same group.

Children or grandchildren of members under the age of 16 are allowed to play free any day after 3:00.

Restaurant Discount

Members receive a 10% discount on all dinners. The discount applies to both food and drinks, including alcohol, as long as it is part of the meal. Members will also receive substantial discounts on all special events such as wine dinners, brunches, etc. Members may bring their own wines at a nominal $5 corkage fee.

Golf Course Dress Code

General: Soft spikes or athletic style shoes only may be worn on the course.

Men: Collared or styled non-collared shirts must be worn at all times. Slacks or Bermuda style shorts are permitted. Denim or jean style pants are not permitted on the course. Nylon or warm-up style pants and collarless long sleeve shirts are permitted in inclement weather. Caps are to be worn in the forward position only.

Women : Fashionable golf wear must be worn at all times. Tank tops, spandex, Lycra, or shorts more 4” above the knee are not permitted. Parents are reminded that dress code rules apply to children as well.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Members and guests are asked to use discretion when visiting the clubhouse. For example, denim pants may be worn, provided they are pressed, and worn with dress style shirts and shoes. Please refrain from wearing hats when using the clubhouse. As with the course, the dress code applies to children as well. Our clubhouse is a gathering place we all want to be proud of and share with others.

Cart Fees

Carts may be rented on an as needed or on a monthly basis. The charge per round for member is $8 for 9 holes or $12 for 18 holes (per person). Carts may be rented on a monthly basis as follows: one person $67, two people $130, and three people $180. Members wishing to rent carts on a monthly basis must sign up for a 6 month basis. In addition, members who own their cart can pay a trail fee of $804 per year. Members owning their own carts will be required to display a Castle Creek Trail Tag on the cart at all times.

Pro Shop Discounts

Members are entitled to a 10% discount on all stocked pro shop merchandise.

Bill Payments

All members are allowed to charge for their purchases. Additional payment options include check, cash, or credit card (Visa or Master Card). Members are billed at the beginning of each month for the month’s dues and the previous month’s purchases. Payment is due by the 25 th of each month. Members who are more than 30 days late will be subject to a finance charge. Members more than 60 days in arrears will have their privileges suspended. Copies of all charges are kept on file in the business office, and can be obtained during business hours.

Monthly Minimum

Full Golf Members are required to spend a minimum amount each quarter in the restaurant or bar. The quarterly amount required is $75 per adult member.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are available to members on a first come, first serve basis. We currently have a reciprocal agreement with the Castle Creek Inn for usage, although at this time the courts are generally available anytime.

Castle Creek Inn and Welk Resort Villas

Members and their guests are entitled to a special discount off room rates (based upon availability) at one of the finest inns and spas in Southern California.


Membership Terms and Conditions

Transfers and Upgrades

Golf Memberships are lifetime, and can be sold anytime with a 25% transfer fee (Based upon the current fee offered by the club). Members may elect to upgrade to a higher level by paying the difference of the two at the prevailing rate. Members may downgrade to a lower membership at no transfer fee, but cannot upgrade back without paying the difference between the two. In case of illness or temporary transfers, members may, at one time only, downgrade their status to an inactive one for no more than 12 months. Special consideration for temporary leave may be given at the sole discretion of management. The monthly dues will be $50, with certain member rights and privileges suspended. Corporate Members may add or delete members at no charge with thirty (30) days notice.

Membership Cap

Membership will be capped at 200 Golf Memberships.

Future Assessments/ Liabilities

Castle Creek is a private, non-equity club. Therefore, members are not liable for extraordinary assessments or fees. However, the club does have the right to raise fees from time to time, as it deems necessary.


Members understand that he/she may resign from Castle Creek Country Club by giving thirty (30) days advance notice to the club and by paying all outstanding dues or other charges prior to resignation. The member wishing to sell or transfer their membership must be a current member in good standing.


Castle Creek has the right, from time to time, to amend, modify, or supplement the rules, regulations, and policies of the club.

Sale of Club facilities

If ownership elects to sell golf course, the new owner(s) will be required to honor all memberships; and all rights, duties, and obligations in regard to each member shall be binding.

Non-Equity or Ownership Interest

Membership in Castle Creek Country Club is not an investment in Castle Creek, nor does it provide equity or ownership interest in the club or any of its facilities. Membership in Castle Creek does not confer upon a member a vested or prescriptive right or easement to use the facilities. Management has the right to restrict or reserve the facilities for maintenance, tournament play, or other special events.


Membership at Castle Creek is a revocable license, and is subject to suspension or revocation, with refund, with cause by giving thirty (30) days advance notice . A membership may be revoked and the rights of any Person or Persons entitled to use the club may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Commission of any felony or misdemeanor theft at the Facilities;
  • Ninety day delinquency;
  • Willful destruction of the Club, or a staff’s, Member’s, family member’s or guest’s property
  • Physical or gross verbal abuse of staff, Members, family, or guests; Continued and repeated violations of these Rules and Regulations;
  • Following suspension, if a Member or family member again violates the rule that led to the previous suspension within twelve (12) months of the infraction, or if the Member or family member violates any other rule that would result in suspension within twelve (12) months of the infraction.


Membership Information Packet

Spring 2005

Thank you for your interest in Castle Creek Country Club. Founded in 1948, Castle Creek is a club steeped in tradition. Originally opened as the Circle R Country Club, Castle Creek features immaculate fairways, great oak trees, meandering streams and undulating greens to create an extremely interesting and competitive course for players of all skill levels. There are men’s, ladies’, and junior set of tees to insure enjoyment for the entire family.

Nestled in the foothills of North San Diego, Castle Creek Country Club features a western style clubhouse with all the desired amenities for our membership. The facility includes two tennis ourts, a pro shop, restaurant, banquet room, member’s lounge, and bar. The views of the course and adjacent hillsides can be enjoyed from several areas of the clubhouse. In addition, there is a beautiful inn and spa located on the course property.

On the following pages, we have listed the various memberships offered, with a complete description of our member and guest policies. Besides golf and tennis, other advantages of membership include a USGA handicap and special discounts on banquets and tournaments. If you have any questions as you consider membership in one of the great clubs in North San Diego, please don’t hesitate to call me at 760-749-2422 x11

Sincerely yours,
Harmony Lopez
Membership Director  

8797 Circle R Drive, Escondido, CA 92026 

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